Corporate Wellness


Corporate wellness

 It’s not just about corporate wellness it’s about organizational wellbeing

You’ve likely seen the corporate wellness statistics both nationally and within your organization. The impact of employee health on productivity and profitability can be profound. But, add to that the impact that poor health has on the overall wellbeing of your organization’s members and it can be downright tragic to individual lives.

At InShape Medical, we take a mind-body approach to achieve the best outcomes within employee populations. Our approach to corporate wellness allows us to utilize proven complimentary and integrative practices to affect positive health.  Positive health is concerned with how a person’s physical and emotional well-being compliment and affect one another.  And this interaction can be very significant.  Many studies have shown a strong correlation between physical and emotional health. This correlation offers exciting possibilities in enabling organizations to affect positive health outcomes through the application of positive psychology practices, as well as proven behavioral and medical interventions.

Positive psychology practices can drive positive emotion.  And positive emotion is known to significantly aid in fighting workplace stress.  Work stress management is rightly a topic of high importance to leaders at the most forward thinking organizations.  Prolonged exposure to stress puts members of your organization at greater risk for health problems, such as:

  • Weight gain
  • Heart disease
  • Sleep problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Back pain and other muscle pain
  • Anxiety, Depression & Moodiness
  • Memory loss and concentration difficulties

The effects of these health issues on your organization and the individual members can be huge, negatively impacting presenteeism, absenteeism, productivity, and direct healthcare costs. Significant studies have shown that pain and depression alone negatively impact employee productivity in the U.S. by as much as $90 billion. The costs of these losses in productivity are significantly more than the direct healthcare costs for these conditions – in fact, as much as three times more! These presenteism costs can make the costs of absenteeism seem small by comparison, as presenteeism costs can be more than twice as high.

It’s no longer about corporate wellness, it’s now about organizational wellbeing. InShape Medical wellbeing programs are designed to address the two main areas that can have the largest and quickest impacts on both employee health and organizational costs – work stress management and weight loss. And these two health issues are often closely related as stress very often leads to poor nutritional practices and weight gain.

According to a Rand Corporation study, there is approximately a 50% return on dollars invested on an effective wellbeing intervention program.  Other studies have shown that a high-quality health intervention program can generate cost savings of $3 to $6 for every $1 invested. So, the bottom line is that the right program is good for your organization’s bottom line.

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