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Our Popular Countdown Weight Loss Program

Without All The Travel!

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure to meet many great people from outside of the Triangle area that traveled many miles to our clinic in Apex, NC. We’ve had people travel a hundred miles and more because they wanted the same great weight loss results their friends or family members got at InShape Medical (many of them safely averaging a pound or more of fat loss per day). Why did they make the trip to Apex? Well, they told us it was because they just didn’t have a high-quality and affordable program like this available in their area. But, that has changed. You can now get the same great results that so many others have gotten with our program without all the travel!

To learn more about this opportunity, just fill in the contact form below or give us a call at 919-468-3900! We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and give you the information you need to make an informed decision. If you decide that the Countdown Program is right for you, be assured that you will receive the same great program and support that our patients have come to know over the years at our clinic in Apex.

And for a limited time, new patients get $100 off the regular Countdown Program cost. Many people are surprised that our program cost is less than what most people pay for those national weight loss companies.  You know, the ones with the prepackaged, bad-tasting, frozen or MRE meals. On our program, you get great results while eating real whole foods, and also learn how to eat for life.

So, contact us today to find out if our Countdown Program is right for you! 919-468-3900.


Supervised, Effective & Quick Weight Loss

The Countdown Program at InShape Medical is proven to be one of the most effective weight loss programs available. Our weight loss programs use the most effective protocols to get real results (many patients lose 40 or more pounds of unwanted fat in just 40 days).  We understand the different roles of nutrition, fitness, hormones, and supplements. We also understand the personal challenges our clients face. The ability of our health and wellness coaches to listen, understand, and advise is very important to your success on this weight loss program.

Our goal is to help you lose the weight, but also to keep it off with lifelong healthy and positive changes that fit your needs. We take a mind-body, positive health approach in guiding you to better health. Health and wellness coaching is central to our approach. This is one of the reasons that our clients have such positive experiences and high success rates.

The Countdown Weight Loss Program is a Medical Weight Loss Plan*

Reduces Hunger ● Burns Abnormally Stored Fat ● Increases Metabolism

Features of our 10 Week Countdown Weight Loss Program includes:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Labwork
  • Detailed Body Composition Analysis & Report
  • Physician Visit
  • 40 Days of Quick Weight Loss with our Effective Protocol
  • 30 Days of of Locking in Weight Loss with Eating Plan and Coaching
  • 10 Weeks of B-12/Lipotropic Injections
  • 10 Weekly Weigh-Ins (either in person, telephone consult, or Skype)
  • 10 Weekly Supportive Coaching Sessions (either in person, telephone consult, or Skype)
  • Telephone and email support, as needed throughout your program
  • You eat real whole fresh foods, not prepackaged, bad-tasting, frozen or MRE meals
  • And High-Fives as You Shed the Pounds!  See some of our clients Weight Loss Success Stories

If you want to know what other people think about the Countdown Program, just look at our reviews (at Google+, Yelp, Facebook and here on our site) to see all of the people that love the program and lost much more weight, more quickly than they thought possible.  In fact, our single biggest source of new patients is referrals from current and previous patients. Just check out some of their Weight Loss Success Stories here.

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