Anti-aging Secret: How Restful Sleep Helps You Stay Younger Longer

Anti-aging Secret: How Restful Sleep Helps You Stay Younger Longer

We may not be able to stop the hands of time, but there are ways that we can slow them down and one of those ways is getting better quality sleep. Deep sleep is a very natural and effective way to slow down the clock on your biological age, if not your chronological age. So, if you want to know more about one of the easiest and best anti-aging secrets that can go a long way toward helping you look and feel younger longer, regain youthful vibrancy, a trimmer physique, and more strength, just read on.

Of course aging is a natural process, but its effect is much more than superficial changes over time. A study published by the Journal of signal Transduction defines aging as an intricate phenomenon characterized by a progressive decline in normal body functions [1]. And although we’d all like to put a halt to “a progressive decline in normal body functions”, the anti-aging science just isn’t there to achieve that (for the time being, anyway). But, one way we can possibly slow it down is through consistently getting restful, restorative sleep.

Poor sleep: a root cause in faster ageing

Anti-aging researchers are currently clearly convinced that insufficient sleep is without a doubt one of the main contributors in early ageing. Insufficient sleep occurs when there is an absolute lack of deep sleep for extended periods of time. It also takes place when an individual endures shorter-than-optimal snooze time. Several factors could potentially cause you to be sleep-deprived. These could include depression symptoms, stress & anxiety, reduced sleep patterns, insomnia, drugs, health conditions, aches & pains, and environmental conditions. However, for most adults it may simply be that their lives have more demands than they feel they are able to effectively deal with on a day to day basis. Between work and family obligations – and then adding one or more of the complicating issues listed above – sleep may be a commodity in short supply in far too many lives.

Unfortunately, the net effect of this lack of sleep may be a restriction in the body’s regenerative functions. Research has shown that while we are sleeping, there are very important anti-aging processes happening. Things like cell reproduction, protein synthesis and muscle growth, release of growth hormone, and shedding toxic waste, among other important functions, are thought to occur at a higher rate while we are sleeping.Brain rejuvenation and repair are also thought to occur during restful sleep, which may seem obvious to many of us from the foggy thinking that occurs when we lack sleep.

Long-term health outcome of poor sleep

Persistent insufficient sleep results in the interruption of a normal sleep cycle. In addition to the disruption in mental capabilities, operant mental retention, and attention span, it may also cause other long-term health and well-being problems, including:

Metabolic concerns: The Anti-aging Effects of Lean Body Mass

Reduced sleep could potentially cause metabolic problems, suggests research provided by Sleep Medicine Reviews [2]. Sleep limitation may cause weight gain by disturbing the sensitive balance of physical energy and up-regulating food cravings. Fat gain, at some point,may result from a domino effect of insulin resistance and diabetic issues resulting in storing of excess fat in the fat cells. Conversely, lean muscle mass can have anti-aging effects. This is one of the reasons that many people are looking into Sermorelin anti-aging therapy. Sermorelin stimulates natural production of growth hormone. This leads to leaner body mass and anti-aging effects.

Circulatory Disturbance

Reduced sleep can diminish the control of normal blood circulation. This may in turn induce the action of the sympathetic nervous system, the part of the autonomic nervous system that prepares the human body for action [3]. Stimulating the processes of your sympathetic nervous system places your body in a condition of emergency, which inevitably leads to high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and anxiety. Chronic stress and tension places your health status in jeopardy, allowing you to age more rapidly and experience hormonal problems such as unhealthy weight gain, increased blood glucose level, hyperactivity of your thyroid gland, as well as many potential reproductive problems [4]. Stress management then is also a factor in an anti-aging strategy.

Early progression of dementia

Chronically inadequate sleep is thought of as being the most common cause of early-onset impairment of cognitive ability, says a new paper published by Neurobiology of Aging. And it also may be the most important stress factor to the development of memory disabilities, mainly dementia and Alzheimer’s disease [5]. Preventing cognitive impairment is one of the main concerns of anti-aging physicians.

Early mortality

The length of sleep is one of the strongest predictors of early demise, according to a study published by Sleep. Reduced sleep and brief duration of sleep stimulates disease-causing events and unwanted health end results that inevitably bring about early death [6]. Length of sleep then is a factor in anti-aging strategies.

Exactly what is restful sleep?

Restful sleep is the capability to sleep for a long time. It’s the sensory or stimuli-arousable variety of sleep. Getting into the actual deep periods of sleep and awakening rejuvenated means you had a restorative rest [7].

The specific physiology of sleep remains largely unknown. Yet, investigators have many hypotheses regarding just how it takes place. Many experts think that serotonin plays the integral role in the successful creation of restorative sleep. Some nerve endings of the brain stem discharge serotonin and the arousal of these nerve endings leads to the development of natural deep sleep [7].

Restful sleep and weight loss management

Experiencing a peaceful sleep most every night is a part not just of ideal weight loss and weight loss management, but also of overall physical and mental well being. It can eliminate the patterns of chronic stress and the myriad of consequences linked with insufficient sleep, such as weight gain. Most weight loss experts agree that adequate sleep is integral to the effectiveness of weight loss plans. And losing unhealthy weight can have anti-aging effects of its own.

Organic techniques of obtaining restful sleep

You can use several techniques to naturally get significantly better, restful sleep:

  • Avoid using electronic screens, such as computer, smart phone, video games, etc. for at least an hour before going to bed.
  • Do things that can relax your mind and body like yoga breathing and creative visualization before attempting to sleep.
  • Consider trying a natural sleep aid like 5-HTP, melatonin, or Valerian.
  • Get expert advice from healthcare professionals and health coaches who that can look at your specific situation. These professionals have knowledge about individual and interacting functions of dietary, behavioral, and biological factors that could possibly be having some complications on your physical condition.

Consider getting a consultation to assess if an anti-aging course of therapy could be of value to you. A program like this could help prevent the domino effects of poor sleep, and various additional factors that can quicken ageing. This sort of comprehensive assessment is often what is actually crucial to allow you to realize optimum health and wellness over the years, permitting you to get a lot more out of life. Consulting experts from a wellness and anti-aging clinic can be a significant step to restoring restful sleep, address other areas of concern for your health and discover additional ways to increase your potential to stay younger longer.

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