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Achieving positive health depends on a balance of good nutrition, appropriate physical activity, restful sleep, effective stress management and more. Nutritional supplementation may also be important to achieving your health goals. InShape Medical’s supplement store provides convenient access to trusted supplements. We stock only the highest quality supplements in our store.

Micronutrient deficiencies are very common. Studies show that 50% of Americans are deficient in one or more micronutrients. Many of these people experience some of the many symptoms of micronutrient deficiency, such as: fatigue; lower immunity; muscle cramps; brittle hair or nails; dry or itchy skin; allergies; irritability; depression; hyperactivity; numbness or tingling sensation; poor night vision; or sluggish metabolism. (If you think you may have micronutrient deficiencies, call us to schedule an appointment to learn about our advanced micronutrient testing.)

QUALITY MATTERS! Not all supplements are created equal. The pharmaceutical-grade supplements available to you here excel in terms of potency, purity and absorption, while eliminating artificial ingredients, allergens and toxins.

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