Weight Loss and Fitness Go Hand in Hand

Weight Loss and Fitness Go Hand in Hand

Weight Loss and Fitness Go Hand in Hand

Taking Advantage of Outdoor Resources for Moms and Their Families in the Triangle

At the InShape clinic here in Cary, we see a lot of moms from all around The Triangle that have had struggles with weight loss ever since having children. (Our patients come from the towns of Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, Morrisville, Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, Wake Forest, Durham, Raleigh and more). Many of these women tell us that they have tried every diet and exercise program under the sun, but just can’t seem to move the needle on the scale very far.   They often feel great disappointment that they haven’t been able to get to their goals for better health and the body shape that makes them feel fit and confident.Fortunately, there are many options for moms in this area that can help them to achieve the success that they seek. Weight loss programs and fitness go hand in hand to reaching your goals.

The difference between poor weight loss programs and great weight loss programs are many. A great program includes: diet & nutrition; exercise & fitness; knowledgeable coaching & support; and a mind-body perspective. (Just to name some of the most important factors). With spring soon upon us, in this article we will concentrate on some of the many outdoor resources available to moms and their families to help them reach their goals through better fitness and exercise, as well as complimenting their weight loss programs. Exercising outdoors in the sunshine is very good for stress reduction, mood enhancement, vitamin D absorption, restful sleep, and other positive health impacts.So, we hope you take advantage of these outdoor resources either for some alone time or family time – whichever suits your needs at the moment!

Walking, Hiking, Running, Biking, & More!

Walking, running, and biking are wonderful additions to effective weight loss programs and we live in an area that has abundant resources in this regard. The greenways and trails in this area would be the envy of most other similar metropolitan areas around the country.

The town of Cary alone has a system of nearly 40 greenways, open dawn to dusk, and linking neighborhoods with, playgrounds, parks and other amenities.The link to Cary’s greenway page is: http://www.townofcary.org/Departments/Parks__Recreation___Cultural_Resources/Parks_and_Greenways/Greenways.htm

Some of the greenway trails in Apex connect with the trails in Cary. Apex with at least 9 greenways also has a wonderful park, lake, and recreation area on the border of Apex and Cary just behind our InShape clinic at Lake Pine between Laura Duncan road and Lake Pine Drive. The park, officially named Apex Community Park has a 50 acre lake with a paved two mile trail surrounding it. This 160 acre park also features: 3 ball fields and 2 batting cages; 2 soccer fields; 3 sand volleyball courts; 6 tennis courts; 4 basketball courts (1 fenced for roller hockey); child’s playground (ages 2-12); restroom facilities; over 3 miles of developed nature and fitness trails (two miles paved and one mile natural walking trail); picnic areas; grills; outdoor courts for tennis and basketball. For more information on what Apex Parks & Recreation has to offer, you can visit their webpage at:


Holly Springs, a relatively small but growing community, has some scenic greenways and attractive recreation choices. You can visit their site for more information at:


In Raleigh, the extensive Capital Area Greenway System has nearly 30 trails spanning more than 100 combined miles, both paved and natural surface.The trails in Raleigh’s system often connect parks or are complimentary to the recreational activities available at the parks. The capital city has more than 9,000 acres of park lands that include lakes, as well as many recreational facilities and programs.Check out their webpage here:


Raleigh is also home to the absolutely beautiful Umstead State Park.Of course they have hiking and cycling, but the details of what you are able to do at this park are so extensive that we can’t list them all here. So, do yourself a favor and check out their webpage at:


Morrisville also has multiple parks and greenways. They can be found here:


What is probably the most well-known trail and greenway in the area starts in downtown Durham. The American Tobacco Trail, which is a 20 mile long rails-to-trails project, makes its way through Chatham County and into Wake County, accessible in Cary and Apex. The ATT can be great for a run, bike ride, or a leisurely scenic walk.But Durham has many parks and recreation facilities available and more information can be found using this link to the city’s parks & recreation webpage:http://durhamnc.gov/ich/op/prd/Pages/Parks-and-Facilities.aspx

Here are some other links to other parks & rec pages around the Triangle area:



Chapel Hill:


Wake Forest:


The bottom line is that regardless of where in this area you live, you can find easy access to outdoor recreational areas that enable you and your family to keep active, fit, and compliment virtually any weight loss programs. We urge you to make use of these resources as much as possible. Happy trails!

InShape Medical is a wellness, anti-agingaesthetics, and weight loss clinic located in the Apex-Cary area of the Triangle, serving the greater Raleigh, NC area. The health professionals at InShape Medical take a mind-body, positive health approach to helping their patients gain better health and well-being using the most effective protocols and practices. Health and wellness coaching is central to their approach and the reason that their clients have such a positive experience and high success rates. They can be reached at 919-468-3900 or visit them at www.inshapemed.com.


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